Sunday, February 20, 2005

Interesting reads

[This list was last updated on 18 September]

18/9/06 "Good Writing Guide" by HarperCollins

11/9/06 A pointless composition

9/9/06 Here's a little puzzle

30/8/06 Tagged

28/8/06 The closed loop

25/8/06 Women are NOT abalone

17/8/06 Floor cleaning algorithms

15/8/06 Shopping therapy is a real phenomenon; photographs of a Tokina 28-105mm f/4.0 Pentax K mount zoom lens

7/8/06 Warning: very long, multi-section entry

2/8/06 APD

31/7/06 My first (mostly) gay party

29/7/06 Screenplay, part 5

26/7/06 Midnight Camwhore

22/7/06 Frightful memories of our art teacher, Mrs Lim

14/7/06 Melbourne bloggers' meet report

12/7/06 Celebrity physicists

10/7/06 Chocolate truffles; absurd food photography; preposterous macro photography

8/7/06 Tactless colleague; a camera that can see details 7 microns across

2/7/06 Dream job?

1/7/06 Lao Chen's chilli oil recipe, version 1.0

28/6/06 切辣椒记 [with English translation]

22/6/06 You know what youd be fun? To go lepak somewhere [...]

16/6/06 Encounter with an idiot

14/6/06 Some questions do not have answers

10/6/06 Digital macro pencil calligraphy

5/6/06 Thumbelina: secret admirer or stalker?

2/6/06 [untitled]

31/5/06 I'll stop writing in Chinese for the time being

29/5/06 3-in-1 film review: Autumn Sonata, Animal Farm, Bulletproof Monk, and suggestions on ways to find a good film.

23/5/06 Updates

18/5/06 Stuff of (impermanant) dreams

15/5/06 华文 or English?

11/5/06 Video of stuff (mushrooms) getting sliced rapidly

7/5/06 Deft- that's how I like to think of my knife handling

6/5/06 Lin Dynasty- Chapter 27

30/4/06 Screenplay, part 2

29/4/06 The mechanical arm

26/4/06 Untitled

23/4/06 Crap updates: absolutely nothing important here

21/4/06 Stuff of (impermanant) dreams

19/4/06 购买衣记

16/4/06 Experimental formatting: Chinese screenplay

12/4/06 Ice-cream, yoghurt, banana and peaches

10/4/06 So, how long is this eternity?

9/4/06 A discussion with the Flying Spaghetti Monster

8/4/06 Intake Horns- an excerpt from the draft of 'Automotive Engines'

7/4/06 Rainy Day

4/4/06 Another guided composition

2/4/06 End of the Age of Oil, part 4

29/3/06 More exciting word games

28/3/06 WordyWord meme by Yvy

27/3/06 Microsoft products do not reflect Australian daylight saving time changes for the year 2006

26/3/06 Adventures at the Commonwealth Games- cycling

24/3/06 Topless portraits with fruits, and other images

24/3/06 I usually take care of my books

18/3/06 My very own piece of Formula 1

13/3/06 Diffuse lighting conversion kit

8/3/06 Damn dams (alliteration alert!)

8/3/06 Talk to the eyebrow

6/3/06 Found: cheap, used optics for sale in Melbourne

5/3/06 Thumbelina: With the Godfather's aid

2/3/06 Thumbelina: Thumbelina's departure

1/3/06 Journey of love

24/2/06 "Yer! You look like a pondan"

16/2/06 A fun way to use unwanted Cds

15/2/06 Valentine's meme

14/2/06 My Porsche 911 GT1 and Ferrari F40 scale models

14/2/06 A new camera

12/2/06 A nice HK$100 packet

8/2/06 St. Valentines with a twist- a meme

3/2/06 I'm back

26/1/06 An open letter to whom it may concern

24/1/06 Thumbelina: the fish and Freyja

23/1/06 The little one

18/1/06 Updates

16/1/06 The prompted essay meme

14/1/06 Thumbelina: Vladmir the wanker

13/1/06 Hoorah for Boobies!

10/1/06 Tagged

9/1/06 Thumbelina is nothing more than sexist drivel

9/1/06 I am back, with photos

1/1/06 New Year's eve and other things

31/12/05 Cliched title: the end is near

28/12/05 A list of the cars I've driven

10/12/05 Painting with words

7/12/05 What I found in the letter box this afternoon

5/12/05 Updates

2/12/05 Yee Wei attacks McCartney over fur statements

1/12/05 Ugly girls? No

18/11/05 My pilgrimage to an F1 GP circuit

24/11/05 The fly killer

20/11/05 Itchy fingers; martial arts; utopia

15/11/05 QED

12/11/05 miscellaneous stuff

6/11/05 German Sex Education

3/11/05 What is an island?

1/11/05 What a hot day it is

30/10/05 The contents of my wallet at this moment

25/10/05 The end is near

23/10/05 Oral ulcers are no fun

21/10/05 I made it into the Master List of Stupid Things (again) !

18/10/05 From the disturbing diaries of Yee Wei

17/10/05 PMS-ish rant about F1 coverage in Australia

17/10/05 Dramatic silence explained

14/10/05 Fifth Gear is back!

13/10/05 The Autobiography of a Pencil

10/10/05 How I started writing; how I am restarting

8/10/05 Another tag

7/10/05 [ My first Chinese entry, untitled ]

1/10/05 The connection between Mathematics and Street Fighter

30/9/05 Some of the notable reading material in my life

28/9/05 Please Judge a Book by its Cover

26/9/05 Food food food

23/9/05 The Chord of 88 Notes

15/9/05 Bang! You're tagged

14/9/05 The power struggle

10/9/05 Whose house is it anyway?

5/9/05 Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

31/8/05 Kongkek faraj...BM saya menyedut

30/8/05 Blogging in Malay, because everyone else is doing it

29/8/05 How I got owned in a sparring match

27/8/05 Daft engineer jokes

20/8/05 Taekwondo videos

17/8/05 Yet another orange story

16/8/05 The orange eater

13/8/05 A failing cable; a collapsing relationship

13/8/05 The anatomy of an eye

11/8/05 Minum?

10/8/05 Portrait of a sulking girl

10/8/05 Kitchen accident results in loss of blood

8/8/05 Its sleep paralysis, not a ghost

3/8/05 Postcard

31/7/05 Melbourne Bloggers Meet

30/7/05 The slap analyst

30/7/05 My first exposure to sex

28/7/05 Oops

25/7/05 Subject selection confusion

22/7/05 I'm in deep shit

20/7/05 I don't like flossing

20/7/05 Does my bottom look big in this?

15/7/05 Harh? ICQ?

30/6/05 My experiences with knife sharpening

29/6/05 Yuck, its "fat free"

23/6/05 Silly Pranks 1

12/6/05 End of the Age of Oil, part 3

8/6/05 Mental incapacity

2/6/05 The Kiss (v1.1)

1/6/05 Plasma Soup for Your Wavefunction

26/5/05 End of the Age of Oil, part 2

21/5/05 A partial list of my favourite books

14/5/05 End of the Age of Oil, part 1

6/5/05 How I take my coffee at home

5/5/05 Buzz Buzz Buzz!

28/4/05 Attachments

17/4/05 Book? What book?

6/4/05 Postcard counter in the wrong matrix

23/3/05 What a horrid mess!

27/2/05 Nail grinding and polishing