Sunday, May 07, 2006

Deft- that's how I like to think of my knife handling

I quite like cooking. Or rather, some of the acrobatics that surround the main acts of cooking.

Cutting stuff is one aspect I've always found to be greatly entertaining. There is a certain perverted pleasure in wielding a well sharpened blade, slicing whatever that needs to be sliced with a practiced deftness.

Deftness. That's how I like to think of my knife handling anyway.

The first time my housemate noticed me sharpening my knife and then processing a cucumber into slices, he asked if I had worked as a kitchen hand before. No, I just like playing with knives. He laughed, "I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing!"

Pfft! The stigma attached to knives...
Don't play with that knife!
Put that down!
Always handle knives with care.
The risks are overrated.

The other interesting activity involved in cooking is tossing*. Only gas stoves are any fun; electric hot plates are for sissies. The game I play is to try stirring the food as little as possible. Instead, I give the frying pan a sharp tug backwards, the curved wall of the pan to rush towards the contents of the pan. At that moment, a little jink upwards will send them up into the air. Advance the pan a little to catching the rain of food. Repeat.

A few of these tosses is usually enough to mix up the ingredients with a decent homogeneity. They are also great fun to execute.

As one can probably tell, I had just cooked myself a dinner.

1. throw lightly or casually.
2. move or cause to move from side to side or back and forth.
3. (toss oneself/someone off, or toss off) (British vulgar slang) masturbate


You know those blog posts where the author simply puts up a bunch of song lyrics that she (it's almost always a she, except in this particular instance) found touching or relevant?

Yeah, I don't read them too; I simply scroll past indifferently.

Inner Radio
Vanilla Ninja, 2003

A girl, in this world
She's all alone, her friends they all turn
their backs at her
Walkin' down her hometown streets
With headphones playin' some oldskool beats
Her baggy pants, crazy hair
She's called a "freak" and that's not fair
The other day she pierced her nose
But anyway...

They don't understand
Thet she prefers it her own way
Different from the rest
Doesn't care what people say
Not dressing to impress
But tryin' to follow her own heart
You listen to its sound
Turn on your inner radio

So go, don't say "no"
To what you feel is right for you
And just like that girl in her world
Is feelin' free and happy
What you got to do is:
Break the rules, don`t waste your time
Get a tattoo
And remember that whatever you do
Just be yourself
'Cos anyway...


Inner radio

Inner radio

These lyrics have nothing to do with anything at all, except for the fact that I had just listened to this song a moment ago. Thank you for scrolling.

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