Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ice cream, yoghurt, banana and peaches

I just had the best bowl of ice cream in ages! Wheehehehe...
Ok, that sounded daft.

Several large scoops of Neapolitan ice cream.
One banana, sliced.
Several tablespoons of yoghurt.
Several tablespoons of peach puree.

Dump them all sufficiently large bowl and give the mess a slipshod stirring to coat the banana pieces and spread the peach puree around.

The puree was made of real peaches blended in a food processor then doped with sugar and lemon juice. The reason I had made this is not relevant to the discussion here.

Of course, there are no photographs. At any rate, the bowl of stuff is ugly- it’s been lightly mixed, remember.

It was delicious though, if the first sentence did not already suggest so.

The mix of textures was remarkable. There was the soft, airy feel to ice cream; the runny, but almost gritty texture typical of yoghurt; that yielding, starchy sensation of banana pieces; and tiny lumps of fibrous fruit in the peach puree.

Not to mention flavours. The ice cream gives 3, to come up with a total of 6.

The fun bit was the C and P of sensations. Combinations and permutations, in case anyone thinks of copy and paste.

A light drizzle of chocolate sauce and a healthy blob of whipped cream would help, but that’s probably asking for trouble on the calorie count side of business. Closer to reality, something to contrast all those smooth textures would be nuts of some sort. Peanuts or cashew might be a good idea. Or a slight sprinkling of crushed biscuits. Roasted almond slices would be very nice though.

I wonder if a dash of Bailey's Irish Cream would go well with the mix. It surely would. Bailey's is never wrong.