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Screenplay, part 2

Sort of a continuation from the Prologue (no English translation for the prologue).

English translation provided at the end of the Chinese text. The screenplay format was used as it would allow a decent level of detail to be conveyed without having to resort to fanciful sentence crafting. Anyway, I am unable to produce decent Chinese sentences. Give me time. Lots of time.

Note to Mr. Hon SY: I doubt you’d want to watch this performance on stage- it’s probably too dull. You want sex, drugs and violence, not small talk about today’s weather.




林小姐:我有一个朋友找着part time工作。







Act 1
Characters: Tan Yee Wei, Miss Lim, Boss
Scene: the bar of a restaurant
Language: Chinese/Mandarin

(The restaurant has closed for the day, and only three people remain to tidy up and prepare for the next business day’s lunch opening. At the bar’s washing sink, Miss Lim washes used glasses and tea pots. Yee Wei is bringing various bottles and cans of drinks from the large fridge in the kitchen to restock the bar. Boss is tidying the dining area.)

Miss Lim: Boss, do you need new workers?
Boss: Why do you ask?
Miss Lim: I’ve got a friend who is looking for a part time job.
Boss: (walks to the bar to talk to Miss Lim) Ah, I see. Any working experience?
Miss Lim: No.
Boss: How will she work without experience?
Miss Lim: She can learn on the job. It will be better than that Sofa anyway. You know, she was really overdoing it earlier this evening. There was a huge pile of dirty glasses here, and she did not come help do them, and was walking up and down there (points to the aisle in the dining area) doing nothing.

(Boss keeps quiet.)

Yee Wei: (squatting next to the bar’s fridge arranging bottles and cans of drinks.) It’s doable, she can learn even if she hasn’t got experience.
Miss Lim: Yeah. Look, Yee Wei is also doing quite well.
Boss: (to Yee Wei) Tan, where did you work previously?
Yee Wei: (pauses stocking the bar, faces Boss) What work?
Boss: Your previous job in hospitality.
Yee Wei: I haven’t worked before. This is my first time.
Boss: (Surprised. Speaks with thick Malaysia Chinese accent) What? Didn’t you tell me when you came in you’ve got experience?
Yee Wei: (smiles sheepishly) Ah yes…I had no choice. Had to start somewhere…
Boss: (speaks with thick Malaysian Chinese accent) Aiyah, you lied to me? I must give you a fine of $5…

(Miss Lim laughs quietly)

(Boss returns to tidying the dining area, Yee Wei continues stocking the fridge, Miss Lim washes the remaining glasses.)

(End Act 1)


Appended 2200 1/5/06:

As the cliché goes, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. As much as I dislike clichés, Mr Hon is one perfect example of this. The following plot is written by him, slightly edited for consistency with the original settings.

This section was not written by me, and is not based on true events.

一维:你可以叫你朋友也骗骗老板嘛,说自己有experience。 你看,老板也不会很生气的。

(Yee Wei and Miss Lim work on their tasks in the bar.)
Miss Lim: Yee Wei, do you think Boss will hire my friend? She needs a job quite badly…
Yee Wei: You could ask her to lie to the Boss and say she has worked before. Look, he didn’t get too annoyed earlier anyway.
Miss Lim: (complainingly) You’ve already lied once, how can the same line be used again?
Yee Wei: Err, that’s because you are honest. You are a… good girl.
Miss Lim: (smiles sweetly) Really? No one told me that before! You look like a honest and morally integral person, who would’ve thought you’d tell lies. Are you bluffing me now?
Yee Wei: Of course not! I will always tell you the truth.
Miss Lim: Haha… Eh? Why are you blushing?
Yee Wei: I…
(Boss walks towards the bar)
Yee Wei: Hoi, why are you two taking so long to finish up?

Reminder: this section was not written by me, and is not based on true events.

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