Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm back

Yes I am still alive, but busy with the festivities.

A few relatives asked me if i wanted to watch the latest girlie comedy flick, Shopaholic. The other alternative would be to stay at home while my brother's friends came over to visit.

Having visited a few friends yesterday, I am well aware that things can get noisy, so I went for the moving picture. Also, I wanted to look at the prices at a few camera shops in 1 Utama.

I went into the cinema expecting nothing more than a suck-cock experience. Maybe not suck cock, but romantic comedy is not my kind of movie. I had zero expectations, and was fully prepared to bail out of the theatre to survey the camera market.

The film was not as bad as initially feared. There were comical moments, some touching scenes, a moderately coherent plot but a tad too much filler material. Yesterday, TChuen told me that SJian used to like Cecilia Cheung (the star actress) a lot. I can see why.

So this is for SJ, even though he does not come to this backwater little province of the internet. [image source]

I have no regrets about going for the movie. But then, it was fully paid for by my aunt.

There is a lesson to be learnt here- expect nothing, and when something turns up, you'll be happy. It's actually a parallel (or is it a mirror?) of the other well known lesson- don't get attached to something, because when you lose it, you'll be pissed off.

So the path to happiness is simple. Note I did not say 'easy to traverse'.

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