Thursday, February 16, 2006

A fun way to use unwanted CDs

When clearing up the area near the computers, a small stack of CDs were earmarked for rejection.

A long time ago, my brother and I would throw useless CDs into the air and hit them with a length of sawn off broomstick. Best done under the intense afternoon sunlight.

A good hit would see the CD suddenly explode into hundreds of fragments that catch the sunlight in a rather fetching manner, accompanied with a loud snap as hundreds of cracks propagated through the plastic at the speed of sound (in plastic).

Today, we had a small stack of about 15 old discs.

Here is my brother doing his thing:

Click here for a large size image

A full-sized crop of the previous image

There were no cool shots of me hitting these helpless discs, but I can assure you that a direct hit looks, feels and sounds wonderful.

I'm sure my brother will have more to say about this at a later date.