Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's meme

The date actually says Tue 14

What did you do for last Valentine’s?
Nothing particularly Valentine-ish. I actually don’t remember; probably buffing my nails.

What are you planning to do for next (tomorrow’s) Valentine’s?
What did you do this Valentine’s?

Went for a nice lunch with my aunt
Vacuumed up some broken glass from a fractured light bulb
Ate dinner
Buffed my left thumb and index nails
Snapped some photos

For comparison: thats the left index and the middle fingers

What would be the ideal place to celebrate Valentine’s?
Genting Highlands!

What qualities in a person would make an ideal Valentine’s date for you?
Specifically for this day, qualities that would go towards this objective of an ideal VD would be not falling for VD marketing hype.

What gifts would you buy / have bought for your partner?
A stuffed bear costing (cost, not worth) RM 960.

What gifts would you buy / have received from your partner?
Erm… a nail buffing kit?

What is your favourite all-time romantic movie?
Kill Bill

If you could choose any person on earth to be your date on Valentine’s, who would it be?
Let’s defer answering this question to a more appropriate date.