Monday, August 28, 2006

The closed loop

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In college, organic chemistry was my favourite subject. It was not because it was interesting, nor because it had real world applications.

I loved it because it appeared so difficult. The amount of equations, processes and reaction steps that one needed to know was frightful. Fortunately, I chanced upon an underlying structure (out of many others, no doubt) to all those migrating electrons and apparitional bonds. It should not surprise anyone- it was electro-negativity. Instead of relying on the brute force of memory, I had the periodic table to help me. The universe ceased to be a mystery- it was 42.

After that, I moved on, and went on to study mechanical engineering. Organic chemistry, although an interesting experience, appeared to have been nothing more than a sightseeing detour.

Three years later, a small part of organic chemistry finally became applicable in my life. I made chilli oil.

Okay, enough of that rubbish. I made chilli oil yesterday, this time a larger quantity that before, and with an interesting twist on the side.

Also ready is a small quantity of Szechuan pepper oil made by heating dried pepper husks (花椒) in very hot oil for about 10 minutes. The vat of chilli oil will be doped with a prudent quantity of pepper oil to give it a tinge of lip-numbing effect.

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On a more personal front, my family and a large bunch of relatives (of about 18 people) are making enquiries towards a trip to Beijing somewhere this December.

2 days ago, they were having a dinner together when I exchanged a few text messages with my mother.
Having dinner in Renaissance Hotel with Chongs, Loongs and guests from Malacca. […] We all miss you.
Send my regards to them all. The grapevine tells me of a trip to Beijing. Sounds fantastic. Can you all please get me a quote too?
They say the same to you. By the way, quote for 1 or 2? (WTH...)
Don’t care 1, 2 or 9. Can get the quote in a quantity-invariant form, such as cost per unit participant.
To share a room is cheaper than single occupancy!!
That sounds something the aunts would say. Send her a snort and a grimace.
Ya, actually your aunts dictated that massage to me. Guess you know only too well how their minds work.
Stopped by at Sabrina’s house after dinner, just got back 1 hour ago. JLee came to sleep over, with just a toothbrush in her hand. She is so cute. Tomorrow we’re all going to Jonathan’s birthday.

Damn, how I miss their company. I’m going to Beijing.

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