Saturday, June 10, 2006

Digital macro pencil calligraphy

Edited 11 June 2006: English translation added below.



印上方格的纸有20×30 个格子。

今天写了差不多 20×30×5.5 = 3300 个字了




Feeling a little restless this afternoon, I picked a few simple characters to work on my non-existent calligraphy skills. Little did I know, even a simple character like那 can be hideously difficult to perfect. I wrote it hundreds of times, and I’m still not satisfied.

That’s right, hundreds of times. To be precise, it’s about 1100 times.

Each printed sheet has 20×30 squares.

I wrote approximately 20×30×5.5 = 3300 words today.

This 那 is surprisingly challenging to write beautifully. To write it legibly is easy, but to raise the standard from legible to beautiful, that is not easy. But then, I could be using the wrong tools- I should use a brush, not a pencil.

I should get a brush…

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