Monday, October 10, 2005

How I started writing; how I am restarting.

After a particularly memorable trip to Redang, I started writing in August 2002. This was spurred by an accepting (niche) market of about 6 to 10 people. I was writing for an audience, but mostly for pleasure. It was all very hedonistic.

I learned plenty. Not enough to earn a living by crafting sentences, but enough to be happy with. What a good lot of change has occurred in three years.


Now I’m going to try something similar with Chinese. Every once in a while I’m going produce an essay, narrative, monologue, or whatever. I’ll probably start with primary and secondary school essay topics, maybe written with a slightly more mature flavour. We’ll see. And from the Chinese essay, a simple English translation will be generated.

Boring topics which I hope to spice up with needless violence, sexy mature themes and maybe a chase scene or two. Who knows…


What should I start with? Or rather, what would you want to see? Other suggestions?

上巴刹记 – Market Trip
描写文- 雨天 – Descriptive essay: Rainy Day
铅笔的自诉 – Autobiography of a Pencil
倒霉的一天 – A Dreadful Day
我的狗 – My Pet Dog