Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm in deep shit

I think I'm in trouble. Deep deep shit. I don't want to have a baby now. It's not a very suitable time- not graduated yet from university, away from home, without a job, and becoming a parent soon. Die die die die. I see my many opportunities spiralling into a huge drain.

This issue came to light some weeks ago. Hoping that it was nothing more than an anomaly, I pushed it aside, dismissing it as part of my over-worked imagination. It was not to be. Things remained bleak, if not already getting worse.

I haven't had my period for several weeks already. I think I'm pregnant. Will probably get one of those pregnancy test probes to verify. Shit.

Oh wait, I don't have periods. I'm a male. What a relief after that false alarm.


On a more real-world note, I just came back from an informal Karate training session. Today, I saw my first point-sparring format.
Whenever a contestant scores a point, the game is paused and restarted. As such, there are no opportunities to counter attack and hope for an equalising point.

For a point to be scored, at least 2 out of 3 judges must call the point. Strategy is required such that you choose attacks that are visible to the majority of judges.

Each round lasts for 2 minutes, or end whenever a competitor leads by 3 points.
It felt weird. The kind I’m used to (go at each other without minimal intervention) is termed continuous sparring. We did not do that today.

We only had time for one match each. I faced a tall kwai lou, a very fit man who competes frequently and with plenty of experience. Nevermind the height, I’ll not try head shots with my kicks anyway- these people trained in Karate guard their heads very, very well.

I reminded myself not to kick until a definite scoring situation turned up. Keep it a secret weapon of sorts.

We maintained distance at slightly more than arm’s length, and traded several points, mostly due to attacks to the upper body (chest and head targets).

After a while, I noticed that he was guarding his upper region very carefully. But...mien Gott! His abdominal area was completely open! I’ve never seen such a juicy opportunity. Patience...let him move and be occupied with attacking before kicking that open patch.

He advanced, and a punching-blocking-counter punch-parry-attack mess ensued. It is time.

Abruptly stepping back, I disengaged from the melee, putting the still-wide-open target in perfect range for a snappy front leg turning-kick. Bang!

That caught him by surprise. It also gave me a very satisfying point.

Endnote - I used to practice taekwondo for about 5 years before starting karate. My hand techniques are generally sticky and gooey, but the kicks are usually fast enough to compensate.