Thursday, April 28, 2005


Early this morning, I was chatting with a friend, and we arrived at this point:

(I’m in green)
teen angst...
fortunately, never had those moments
hmm... what about [name omitted]....
although some would argue one is misisng out on part of life
well, that was closer to infatuation. not a deep rooted 'thing'
i see... so you doing any girl hunting these days?
no, not that preoccupied
its not very wise too. if an attachment may be formed, it will eb messy, since i'm leaving [Melbourne] end of this year
most probably
very sensible indeed... attachments are indeed problematic
anyway... i got to get dinner done now
i'll ttu some other time
yea, i'm off to bed

That pretty much sums up my approach to certain aspects of life. Please note the escape word “certain”. Hence, please do not come to me and ask, “Why are you mourning the loss of a manual gearbox? I thought you had no attachments?” Which at that point I might either slap you or challenge you to a double-clutch heel-and-toe down-shift exercise (what a lot of hyphens!).

Some people have the opinion this is simply a fear of commitment. Others might infer it as fear of taking risks. A few might deduce that I’m a hermit (they might be right to a certain extent).


It’s also possible to arrive at the conclusion that I’m quite partial to some of the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama.

On another note, notice that I’ve taken the trouble to use different words for similar applications in the above sentences: opine, infer, deduce, and conclude.

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