Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blogging in Malay, because everyone is doing it

Among my many traits, I am sometimes a weak minded person. Without a rational mind to think ideas through in an objective manner, I usually end up making weird choices.

I also have a strong inclination to be in the ‘in’ group. I have a tendency to do things just so I am not left out. Thus, I am an easy prey of mass hysteria.

As a consequence of the above two qualities, I am opinion-less like a hopeless strand of lalang in the brutal embrace of Katrina. If digital pets are the thing to have, you will see me with several of them beeping around my pockets.

As a direct effect of the above three attributes, I will be blogging in BM tomorrow (31 August). I am doing it because almost every other person is doing it. I want to be cool. I want to be accepted.

Do not take the above paragraphs seriously.

Since it’s our National Day tomorrow, since it would be interesting to write in Malay for a change, and since everyone else is doing it anyway, tomorrow’s entry will be in Malay.

My linguistic skills are not top notch. As such, do not expect anything of decent quality at all tomorrow.