Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Postcard counter in the wrong Matrix

The wrong Matrix:

I had a Combustion lecture early this morning at 9am. When my alarm clock rosily tried to wake me up, I put it on snooze for about 4 times. Finally deciding I was too knackered to go for the first lecture, I gave up and dialled the alarm pointer forward and promptly went back to sleep. After the first lecture, I had a 2 hour break before the next lecture, so I could sleep a lot more than just 1 hour.

I finally turned up at the university in time for the 11am session of lectures. Going to my destination theatre for Control Systems, I found it eerily empty. The small place was usually packed by the time I arrive! Weird…lecturer must have cancelled today’s programme via email. I went to the computer lab to check the mail box. Nothing. Bother.

Whatever. Never enjoyed Control Systems lectures anyway. I went to the library to read some notes I should have read a long time ago. At 12pm, I went to my next lecture theatre for Mechanics 4. Funny…there was only a small handful of student in the theatre, and disturbingly, none of the look familiar. Ok, maybe they missed whatever new plans Control Systems had and are here in time. Still, I’ve never seen their faces before…

I walked in and sat down. Later, someone saw a notice pasted to the door- “Today’s Structural Engineering lecture cancelled” Hey, lecture cancelled, he called out, tapping at the notice. Everyone filed out of the room laughing and being happy. Except me. I was the last one out, and lingered on to give the sign a third read. Structural Engineering? No wonder those guys don’t look familiar, but what happened to the Mechanics 4 tutorial? I felt completely and utterly lost.

I went back to the library to continue reading my notes. What a decidedly weird day! Everyone in the department and faculty seemed to know what to do, and there were no police dogs nor wailing sirens all over the place. It was like I had been abruptly removed from my Matrix and plugged into version 2.0.54 (beta). Let’s check the timetable again.

This time, I scrutinised it carefully. Subject, venue, day, time… time! I had been an hour early for the previous 2 events. That explains a lot. In my sleep, I had advanced the alarm clock 1 hour less than necessary, and ended up an hour out of phase with the world at large. Oh well…shit. At least I made it to the (correct) Mechanics 4 tutorial at 1pm.


Yesterday (5th April 2005), I received a postcard from Canada. It was postmarked 5th Dec 2004. 120 days too late… It was in no way the fault of the Canadian nor Australian postal service. I had already left for Brisbane when it arrived in my mailbox, and from Brisbane, I took a flight to Kuala Lumpur and a drive back to Petaling Jaya. When I returned to Melbourne on the 21st Feb 2005, it had been forgotten.

I suppose it’s rather pleasant to receive postcards from afar. I got a stack of 6 postcards this afternoon and plan to send one or two each week, starting tomorrow. I better decide who it will go to and start writing it out tonight.


I got a simple little counter (as recommended by Sonia) today. It can be found at the end of the right column, next to the blogger link. Clicking on it shows you the visitor frequency, location… You will probably see that I refresh the page (from Australia, via iiNet) many times. Anyway, I’m seeing if I can attract any of the internet riff raff by publishing a few suggestive words here. Take no notice of them, but do look at the counter details some days later :-)

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