Thursday, July 28, 2005


I have finally decided which subjects to choose for my three electives- Human Resources Management, Advanced Computational Mechanics and Optimisation. Unwilling to let a fascinating subject go to waste, I’ll also be attending the lectures for Computational Biomechanics and if time permits, go through the homework and assignments, albeit in a half-hearted and un-assessed manner.

The next step would be to change my subject selection. It is to be done online, but I could not figure out how to access the stupid thing. Trawling through the web pages, I saw nothing remotely like “subject change”. TMD.

This afternoon, I dropped by at the Mechanical Engineering office to ask about changing my subject.

“You go to the Student Information System website,, and look for it on the red coloured column on the right. It would be listed there as view subjects or something. You go there and […]”

So it was there. I’ve visited that page many times in my search for that link, but did not look in the sidebar. My parents have frequently complained that my eyes are large but quite useless. “Wei, get me two more cans of tuna,” my mother would ask from the kitchen. “Where?” “In the cupboard, the bottom shelf”

And I would search the bottom shelf for a good 30 seconds.
“Can’t find it la. Do we still have it?”
“Yes, I just bought it from Giant on Monday. I remembered putting in on the bottom shelf.”

Another 20 seconds tick away.
“Can you find it?”
“No arr. You want to have a look?”

Mother would stop, and come by exasperatedly. And she would then point right at the cans of tuna, on the bottom shelf, at the edge where they were most visible. Oops.

Having finally known where to adjust my subjects, I then asked if I could do it from the Mechanical Engineering office.
“No, you got to do it online. Are you a first year student?”
“No, 4th year.”

The Academics Program Manager looked stumped. Another lady who had been sort of listening in the background looked up from her documents in surprise. I think it’s expected that everyone should be intimately familiar with the subject selection mechanism.

Then they both laughed. Oops.