Thursday, July 13, 2006

Melbourne bloggers' meet report

To my knowledge, Diana does not publish images of herself online. As such, photos will be suitably blurred until consent is given.

Met with Diana, Pamela, Ted (Yvy’s fiancée), Wuching and Yvy today. Due to the absurd queue length at the original venue, we moved around and settled into a less crowded restaurant.

Count those babies!

1, 2, 3... n.

The food arrived... and five cameras were whipped out. I think Ted was extremely embarrassed. In my defence, I did not take pictures of the food; I took photos of people taking pictures of their food.

Wuching & Yvy.

Diana: Which school were you from again? Taman SEA is it?
Myself: No, I was from Sultan Abdul Samad, but went to Methodist College for a while.
Oh… I know a few Samad people from my tuition class in SS2.
Which tuition centre?
Molly Chan’s.
Oh, I used to go to that woman too. But that was before she opened the shop and was still doing it in her house.

Interesting revelations...

We might even have been in the same class...
Maybe not. You’re not 1983 right?

She WAS born in '83.

Diana & Pamela


Yvy & Ted
By Diana

Diana had fun with Yvy's sticky date pudding and my camera.
Yvy did not have fun with the pudding- it was too sweet.

Pamela is taller than pictures in her blog may suggest. Or maybe it was her footwear.

See how grainy and shaky the photos are? The restaurant should have better lighting for camwhoring and such. A few water-cooled, 15 kW xenon arc lamps with white diffusers scattered overhead would be ideal.

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