Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bang! You're tagged!

The narrow alley was less than 2 metres wide. Tall buildings crowded out the sky; not that there was any light coming from the night sky anyway. The alley resembled a jagged line cutting arbitrarily between clusters of buildings in the urban mess, sometimes branching into lanes, doorways or leading out into the main roads. Dull incandescent lamps lit the alley at sparse intervals, their light supplemented by the lucky bright window now and then.

A group of 7 individuals walked down the alley, each heading to their own destination but caught in the same location by some stroke of coincidence. Out of individual behaviour, a collective herding behaviour emerged, and they travelled in a knot until individuals had to diverge from the group.

The group of 7 were:
Laid Bare
Yee Wei

They came to a particularly dark area of the alley, and a small lane crossed their path in a threatening manner. Could there be opportunistic muggers waiting behind the corners of crossroads? They turned to face sideways, covering each others’ backs.

There was no threat. They silently heaved a sigh of relief, and reordered themselves into a slightly more casual cluster.

At precisely that moment, Yvy appeared in front of them. Preoccupied with their relief, no one had saw how she had materialised out of thin air. Did she jump out of a window? Had been crouching behind a bin? Crept up a manhole? None of them would ever find out.

Contrary to what the movie industry would like people to believe, Yvy did not appear with a spine tingling chill. She did not bare her fangs, dripping with viscous saliva. She did not yell, stomp or made a fuss. She merely appeared. Silently.

With the same composure and silence as she arrived with, she drew out her shot gun and fired a round of biochemical pellets into the group. Reloading the chamber with a quick pull-push of the pump, she fired another round of pellets. When she was sure that everyone of the group was infected, she disappeared into the darkness.


Now that I’m infected with this meme parasite, I am compelled to fill this out and then spread it to other victims. Some modifications have been made.

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
-Give the EU a visit.
-Drive a race prepared car on some circuit for the experience.
-Attain a state of contentment/happiness that is not dependent on material needs or attachments.
-Learn to play the pianoforte or violin.
-Understand some law, finance, continuous (as opposed to discrete) mathematics, modern particle physics and biology.
-Get my own DSLR camera.
-Get my own car. Manual gearbox, of course.

Seven things I can do:
-Flying side-kicks, as in the profile picture.
-Write pointless narrations like the above.
-Sharpen knives to a very sharp edge, and then cut food really fast.
-Shift gears with a manual ‘box without using the clutch pedal. Left-foot-braking in an auto ‘box car. Double-clutch heel-and-toe with a manual ‘box.
-Mentally multiply a pair of 2-digit numbers using Karatsuba multiplication.
-Cook. Not terror, but so far no one has died as a direct consequence of eating my stuff, so I must be doing ok.

Seven celebrity crushes:
-I don’t really care for celebrities, so this will not be answered

Seven random facts about me:
-I’m a male.
-I like windy days, except when there’s dust in the air.
-I don’t really appreciate seafood.
-I started my first Taekwondo lesson on the 1st of April 1998.
-I have driven 52 cars in total, not counting those for driving lessons.
-I have been through infatuations with many side interests: philosophy and religions; astrophysics; relativistic and quantum physics; number theory; finance; political science. The current one is still mathematics, but neurobiology and muscular control might be creeping into the scene.
-I really can’t think of 7 items. Oh wait I have seven!

7 physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
-Eyes, among other things.

7 current/recent books:
-Zero: the biography of a dangerous idea*
-Critical Mass*
-Cryptological Mathematics*
-Foundations of Neurobiology
-Cryptanalysis of Number Theoretic Ciphers
-Nineteen Eighty Four, George Orwell
-Prime Mover: a natural history of muscle

*strongly recommended

7 victims of mine:
-Pamela Michelle
-Michelle Chong
-David Chong
-David Teoh
see the connection?
-Yee Hou

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