Monday, January 16, 2006

The prompted essay meme

Unknown to me, Ah Pek had actually done this meme (with the same 10 words) a few hours ago and tagged me. And here I am tagging him...

Sonia has already completed hers, one that would plant a very disturbing image in your mind.

Yee Hou has also done his.

Tagged myself after seeing the fun Yvy had. No fancy introduction this time (like this and this); the meme itself is amusing enough.

The Golden Rules:
Write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:

me saggy
robot sheets

Cookie points if you can use them in order. But not necessary, it’s supposed to be a challenge ~ so I’ve been told.

Out of the 10 words, you can only change 2 words.

Your essay must make some kind of sense.

Send to 5 people.
ob!ique, since she gets bored at work sometimes
David Chong, since he gets bored at home sometimes
Yee Hou
Ah Pek, because it will be interesting to see the poet get working on this


A day in the life of Thumbelina in her later years
- if she had not escaped the toad

“Come here, my dear Thumby, I am waiting,” the frog croaked cheekily from the bed.

Thumbelina glared at her husband, with his moist, saggy skin hanging loose around his once muscular frame. “Don’t disturb me; the tadpoles need help with their jurisprudence homework.”

“Just a quick blowjob?” he asked hopefully, almost pleading.
From a bowl of grapes, she picked up one of the firm juicy orbs. She whipped her entire body around, turning her feet, hips, waist and shoulders. Her triceps contracted, her wrist snapped, and she let the fruit loose into the air.

It zinged towards the old sagging frog, and hit him between his large eyes. The fruit’s epidermis ruptured, and tasty but pulpy bits splattered in seemingly random directions from the power of the impact.

“Do. Not. Disturb.” Thumbelina repeated herself with an acidic overtone.

A pang of intense loneliness hit the old frog as he licked up the grape pulp from his face and the bed. Some of the liquid from the impact had seeped into the beautiful sheets, ruining its rich ultramarine hue of blue.

Disappointed, the frog shuffled away to watch Big Brother on the television.

~191 words

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