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Lin Dynasty - chapter 27

This is a big project circulating around these days. It’s a colossal meme that requires each participant to write one chapter and append it to an existing storyline.

The full table of contents can be found here.

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In the previous chapter (26):
Luke Charmaine bent down, and gently helped Puki Galore up. She was bound by magic to protect the girl now.

Slowly but surely, both girls headed off into the sunrise, with Luke Charmaine supporting Puki all the way. They were going to pay a special someone a visit...someone who had the powers to restore Puki's waking state...

And that someone was none other than the ronin creature of darkness, the one who sought to turn to the light and leave this accursed land forever to take his place amongst the heroes of light - Yee Wei the Shutterbug!

Warning: contains one mildly disturbing paragraph. It's the one immediately after the image.

Chapter 27
By Tan Yee Wei

At his home, Yee Wei was preparing to sleep. A metallic clanging caught his attention- someone was at the door.

“Idiots! The sun is already up, for goodness sake. Don’t you people have to sleep? I, for one, have to sleep soon,” he grumbled crossly to himself as he marched to the heavy wooden door.


“I know this sounds like a horrible science fiction cliché, but I’ll have to remove Puki’s consciousness before her body dies. I’ve got a wicked set-up back there,” Yee Wei jinked his head in the general direction of one of the many rooms in the complex.

“Then, once the spirit is separated from the body, we can simply discard this tattered mess and put the spirit in another body.”


Charmaine expected to see shiny stainless steel casings, clear glass vessels, matt white aluminium struts and translucent plastic tubing. Equipment with green traces plotting graphs, beeping instruments, hissing air pipes, thrumming ventilators, drooping intra-venous drips. And most important of all, a sort of sinister probe to the head for extracting a backup of Puki’s spirit.

To her surprise, the room was devoid of anything like movie set props. Next to the dirty, lumpy bed on which Puki laid comatose was a heavy wooden desk to which was clamped a contraption that looked like a hand-cranked sausage machine. On the top was a large funnel, presumably to put things in. On one side was the exit chute, where a crystal salad bowl sat ready to accept the products.

An example of a sausage machine. This particular model is motorised.

Yee Wei picked up a glinting blade and gave Puki’s abdomen a casual elongated slice, cutting through her blouse, epidermis, dermis, fatty tissues and abdominal muscles. He reached into the bloody, gaping fissure, and lifted the stomach from within. Still connected to the rest of the body via the oesophagus, intestine, arteries, veins and nerves, it continued to grind and wriggle, mixing and atomising the food slurry within. He slashed all its connections and the organ came free with an occasional squirt of bodily fluids. It also stopped moving. This he dumped into the sausage machine’s funnel with a wet plop. Semi-processed food slurry glugged out of the oesophagus with the gurgling sound of water escaping from an upturned water bottle.

When the liver, kidneys and spleen were also in the sausage machine, he turned the crank repeatedly. It was a laborious task.

“So, this poor character is tied to that messy Lin scandal?” Yee Wei asked Charmaine.
“Yup, I was initially sent to kill her but fate dealt me an unexpected blow.”
“Happens all the time… You look familiar. Have I seen you somewhere?”
“I’m actually, no I was actually Luke who worked at The Bloodied Fang. The waiter who usually brings you your usual serving of Deep Fried Dandelions.”
“Ah, I see. Happens all the time, too. Anyway you look better female than male.”

As the ingredients were processed, the sloppy pile in the funnel slowly ebbed into the machine. Yee Wei continued to churn the handle, and various objects began to clatter and tinkle into the crystal bowl.

Charmaine looked on in surprise. “What the…” she sputtered when a particularly odd object dropped out of the sausage machine and jangled into the bowl.

“Interesting isn’t it? Once I did this on a cat, and it’s consciousness was embodied by a collection of objects that included among them a neutron star. A neutron star! Bloody hell, I was very nearly crushed into a soup of sub-atomic particles. Anyway, I’ll summon my brother to find us a suitable body for Puki. He’s well versed in the art of borrowing things without permission.”

Yee Wei then walked over to a small side table at one corner of the room. Strangely, Charmaine did not notice its existence earlier. On it was a red telephone.

He picked up the receiver, and spoke into it after a few seconds.


I’ll now pass the responsibility of Chapter 28 to my brother Yee Hou. Nonono, this is not cronyism; no one else I know would do it.

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