Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What a hot day it is

An image that would make one go, "awww, cute little clouds. Lets go out for a walk."
Whereupon they would turn right around and say, "Effing weather!"

Today, the first day of the eleventh month, is a public holiday. It is the Melbourne Cup, an annual equestrian event that is also a fashion parade for those so inclined. Like the Royal Ascot, the Melbourne Cup involves a large quantity of fancy hats and elegant dresses.

I went to the university for Karate training, only to find out that it was not on, today being a public holiday and all. So, back through the blazing sunshine I had to walk.

Back home, a cool shower restored my emotional wellbeing that had been partially wilted by the intense solar radiation. I sat at my desk with daylight pouring in through the room’s two large windows, my fan humming softly as it stirred a breeze, a large mug of coffee by my side and no traffic noise from the roads below. Contentment does not necessarily lie in the owning of a Lotus Elise.

Looking at the unforgiving weather, I am extremely glad I am not at the Melbourne Cup. Poor people, dressed to impress but sweating their guts out through their armpits.


On a completely unrelated note, do you think Mark Twain is over-quoted?