Sunday, February 20, 2005

Mathematics & Applied Sciences

[This list was last updated on 18 September]

13/9/06 Solution to Saturday's puzzle

9/9/06 Here's a little puzzle

17/8/06 Floor cleaning algorithms

11/8/06 An alternative interpretation of the measurement problem found in quantum mechanics

12/7/06 Celebrity physicists

27/6/06 Experimental results on the Panasonic DMC-FZ30’s macro focal distance and magnification factor throughout its zoom range

7/6/06 Let me show off some mathematical creativity...

26/5/06 An interesting difference between the human eye and a still camera

19/5/06 Dimensional Analysis and unit conversion methods

30/4/06 Wonders of the human eye

24/4/06 Hotel Infinity; some infinities are larger than others

18/4/06 Is this philosophy of mathematics, or is this bullshit?

8/4/06 Intake Horns- an excerpt from the draft of 'Automotive Engines'

4/4/06 10's compliment: an algorithm to fast subtraction

1/4/06 A step-by-step logical guide to improving the basic punch

28/3/06 So, what is this Skewe's Number?

14/3/06 A brief explanation of the Taylor Series via the Mean Value Theorem

12/3/06 The JFE 8555 problem revisited- digital roots

21/2/06 A brief introduction to tidal forces

12/2/06 Length scales of the known universe

4/1/06 A comparison between Newtonian and Relativistic models of simple oscillating systems

30/12/05 To shoehorn an infinite sum of functions into the exponential function

29/12/05 Evil little puzzles

9/11/05 The derivative of the natural logarithm

8/11/05 The convergence and divergence of a series

1/11/05 David Berlinski's "A Tour of the Calculus"

28/10/05 Finding the value of e

17/10/05 Dramatic silence explained

15/10/05 Geometric proof of Pythagoras' Theorem

4/10/05 The number of elementary operations to calculate the determinant of a real k-by-k matrix

1/10/05 The connection between Mathematics and Street Fighter

16/9/05 The elegance of mathematics

29/8/05 The infinite geometric series and inflation

25/8/05 The JFE 8555 problem explained

24/8/05 The JFE 8555 problem

19/8/05 Here's a puzzle

18/8/05 The thermodynamics of waste

9/8/05 From another point of view...

6/8/05 The apparent ease of divisibility of numbers using different bases: a graphical approach

30/7/05 The slap analyst

29/7/05 Matlab Butterfly

28/7/05 Wind Tunnel Succubus

25/7/05 The apparent ease of divisibility of numbers using different bases

21/7/05 Estimating square roots to several significant figures using arithmetic operations

2/7/05 What on earth is a 'gnomon'?

29/6/05 The moon problem

25/6/05 Calibrating a rice cooker

17/6/05 On the fuel efficiency of engines

12/6/05 Question answered

10/6/05 Physics very hard meh?

5/6/05 Karatsuba Multiplication

19/5/05 Constructing rational numbers using zeroes, ones, and prime numbers

16/5/05 Star Wars Episode II and trigonometry

17/4/05 Book? What book?

13/3/05 A bit of maths, and computing frustrations