Monday, October 17, 2005

PMS-ish rant about F1 coverage in Australia

Sometimes, female bloggers cite PMS and rant rant rant about nothing and everything.

No, I don’t have bloody PMS (pardon the pun).

The Formula One season ended on Sunday in Shanghai. The TV coverage on Australia’s Channel Ten was shit. They take usually their TV feed from ITV in UK which provides excellent commentary, but on Sunday decides to mute out ITV’s commentary and use their own talking heads. What the fuck are you thinking Channel Ten? Lost your rational capacity? I'm not surprised.

[A silver McLaren rumbles along the pit lane, and dives into the swarm of waiting mechanics. A text label on the screen says ‘Montoya’.]

“That’s Montoya into the pits”

[duh… like I’m fucking blind or illiterate]
[a white car enters the pit lane]

“And that looks like Kimi Raikonnen pitting as well”

[Stupid! Who the hell calls two cars into the pit lane simultaneous under normal racing conditions? And that’s a white BAR Honda, not a silver McLaren.]
[Tell us about fuel strategies, and compare the fuel strategies of Alonso, Raikkonen and Fisichella. Oh wait, I think I’m asking too much of you.]

They also made a lot of mistakes in identifying drivers. If you can’t tell one helmet from another helmet then you should damn well shut up instead of acting like you know a lot by saying “And there’s Trulli in the Toyota” when the camera is in fact pointed at Ralf Schumacher.

Did I mention that they knew nothing about the sport? They pass time by orally informing us of what’s happening when we can already see it on screen.

So, in conclusion, Channel Ten should just ask Neil and whatever the other lardy arse’s name is to shut up and use the ITV feed. The commentary feed too, idiots! It makes the viewers very much less miserable, and it probably makes Niel and friend feel better too. It was so bad that I turned the TV off and went back to work instead of watching your advertisements. And another matter, too many ads!

And don’t pretend you didn’t buy ITV audio feed. You cut to Louise Goodman’s interviews with Michael Schumacher and Narain Karthikeyan after their races ended prematurely.