Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thumbelina: Thumbelina's Departure

Continued from
section n: Vladimir the wanker
section n + 1: The fish and Freyja

section n + 2: Thumbelina's departure

Thumbelina removed a long length of ribbon from her corset, which she tied around Freyja’s waist. The other end was then knotted to the lily pad.

Soon, the fish nibbled through the lily pad’s stalk, and Thumbelina started drifting lazily in the slow current. Freyja fluttered her blue wings, and caught up with the floating lily pad.

“Thank you so much!” Thumbelina shouted to the fish. Like escorts sending off a guest, a few of the smaller ones swam alongside the moving lily pad.

Freyja flapped her wings, and the tethering length of ribbon tightened. Thumbelina could feel the pulsating breeze of Freyja’s thrust on her face, and the lily pad started to move faster in the water. As they pulled away from the fish, Thumbelina waved her final goodbye to them.

Meanwhile, Vladimir was brimming with excitement over his newfound bride. He called a few of his best friends, and told them the good news. It happened to be a weekend and everyone was free, so Vladimir asked to meet and discuss the arrangements. He wanted his wedding to be a wonderful one, and he needed all the help he could get planning it.

“Hey Sacha, it’s me Vladimir.”
“Hello. What’s up? Fly hunting later?”
“No, better news. I’m getting married!”
“Finally! You’re the last among us. So who is it?”
“It’s a girl my mother met earlier. Are you free today? I need help planning the wedding.”
“Yes sure sure. I’ll call Sonia, Igor, Boris, Sezja, Vadim, Yakov and the rest. Meet at the old hollow tree in an hour?”
“Ok, thanks.”

When Vladimir arrived at the hollow tree at the appointed time, he was surprised to see that it was remarkable crowded. Word had spread that Vladimir was getting married, and his friends and acquaintances had converged at the hollow tree for lack of better things to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. After round of drinks from Vladimir's personal collection, everyone was brimming with ideas to make the wedding the best ever.

“Wedding dinner by the stream!”
“With a live band of crickets.”
“And fireflies for light.”
“Hah, I think we’ll eat all the band and lights before the end of the dinner! One flick of the tongue, and one less light.”
“Wedding photos on the tree tops. That would be splendid. We could contract a few spiders to spin some webs for safety.”

The suggestions continued, getting wilder and wilder by the minute.

By this time, Thumbelina was already a reasonable way downstream. Here, the distance between her and Vladimir made Thumbelina feel safer. She was less tense, and talked to Freyja more animatedly. She was sure that things would be smooth sailing from this point on, and she’d be home soon.


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