Saturday, December 31, 2005

Clichéd title: The End is Near

It seems just about every other person is wrapping up the year 2005 with the typical annual report and a New Year’s greeting.

Well I can’t not do that, can I? I don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb, like an erect penis in a room full of eunuchs, like a big bad wolf among three little pigs, like a glass of orange juice in a pub, like a colour photograph in 1948.

Really, I can’t be stuffed to summarise my year in a few paragraphs, in part because the weather in Melbourne is being a bit bitchy today. The metrological department’s latest update says max temperature in the metropolitan area is 33; yesterday the estimated maximum was 42. That was frightening.
Fine. A mostly sunny day with a moderate southerly wind extending throughout
this afternoon.

Max 33

Suburban Temperatures
Laverton        Max 30     Yarra Glen     Max 42
Tullamarine     Max 42     Mt Dandenong    Max 38
Watsonia        Max 42     Scoresby        Max 36
Frankston       Max 31     Geelong         Max 28

UV Index 12 [extreme]

My highlights

Happy New Year.

I hope to get some good photographs of pyrotechnics later tonight. Failing that, I can always snap bad photographs of pyrotechnics.