Wednesday, June 28, 2006


A dodgy narration in Chinese, heavily inspired by the wuxia author Jin Yong (金庸).
Half-baked, almost direct English translation available below.







陈一维止手,抬起头来,答道:“我是喜欢玩刀的。” 说完了就继续切辣椒。




A recently sharpened knife rested diagonally on a cutting board, its cutting edge glinting in the bright lights.

The knife handler started working, the knife edge sliding back and forth along the chopping board. His left hand held a bright red chilli, which he advanced slowly under the blade.

The fast moving knife cut through the chilli, slicing it into little circular rings. Having finished with the first chilli, he reached for another chilli to be decimated in the same manner.

This highly skilled knife-player is Lao Chen, a student without a master, who picked up his cutting skills from experience and analysis. His father could sharpen blades like no other, his mother appreciates sharp knives; both used knives carefully, properly.

After slicing through several chillies, he became adapted to the motions, and started to cut faster and slice thinner. The chilli slivers were cut with accuracy, all of them no more than 1mm thick, the knife only stopping when the stem was reached.

A passing colleague saw his knife skills. With a start, she stopped to observe and exclaimed, “Wow, your cutting is really amazing!”

Lao Chen paused to look at the colleague and explained, “I like to play with knives….” He then resumed slicing

The colleague asked, “Oh…no one taught you this?” Without looking up, he shook his head gently and said, “No.”

She watched for a moment, before turning around to the manager, “Boss, boss! Come see this.” The manager, who was eating his dinner, raised his eyes, asking, “See what?” “Come see him cut chillies, its amazing,” she replied.

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