Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More exciting word games

Yvy is on the roll, bravo! She has produced yet another list of words that are to be used in a composition no longer than 200 words. The new rule this time is that words on the list may not be repeated. As always, words should be used in order.

In today’s news, famed playgirl-physicist Eta-Carina has cancelled this evening’s long anticipated sleepover party, citing reluctance to whip up a media frenzy over noise regulation infringements.

A disappointed guest was quoted as saying that "she ought to be handcuffed and lashed several times with a leather belt." "That will be sexy," the guest added.

Eta-Carina, who was previously in the news for alleged misconduct with a threesome of musicians, said that it would be rude to disturb her neighbours, adding that she did not want anymore "hairy situations with the nice folks".

Elsewhere in Praesepe, a man was taken in by police early in dawn near Maranello to aid in investigations of yesterday's shotgun roberry at the Praesepe Central Bank. The police have yet to name any suspects but are confident they will resolve the matter shortly.

In today’s technology updates, engineers at Sony have developed a possible replacement for keyboards by using a soft foam ball that is squeezed using only one hand. Test users were able to adopt the technology quickly, and are current 'typing' at well over 80 words per minute. "There’s really an explosion of interest from video game manufacturers," a Sony spokesperson said.
198 words


I’m quite proud of pulling this off. Taking the news report angle was a nice step out of the box for me, and has enabled the diverse words to be used with little fuss.

And now, to pass this game on, I give it to Sonia and Wei Yi. It's not easy (blame Yvy), but do have fun!

Eta Carina (with no hyphen) is actually the name of a massive star about 7500 light years away from the earth. With a mass of 100 to 150 solar masses, it is thought that this star approaches the theoretical limit on the masses of stellar objects. Apart from the fact that it is expected to go supernova (or even hypernova) in the next million years, it is also blessed with what I think is an elegant name. [reference]

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