Monday, May 15, 2006

华文 or English?

Slipshod English translation below.







* 如果见到任何的语病或错误,请说一说。谢谢。


I’ve not been updating much lately- much of my attention has been focused on language development. My other interests such as mathematics, physics, photography and writing have been neglected as well.

Yesterday night before I fee asleep, I thought about this issue. Why am I making such a great effort to learn Chinese?

At the moment, my hope is to elevate my linguistic skills to another level, to be on par with my current English writing abilities. This is not to say my English writing is anything to boast about; I cannot depend on sentence crafting to earn a living. Still, it’s probably better than most people’s. The journey to my objective is long, and I might not make it to the end.

Is it my ego? That may be the case.

There is another problem- language skills either improve, or slip away. Concentrating on Chinese will come at the expense of English. So, what now?

Difficult questions, these. I’ll go have my dinner now.

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