Thursday, June 23, 2005

Silly Pranks 1

It was the third day of Chinese New Year, and it was going to be a quiet night at our grandparent’s place.

My cousins, brother and I were in the midst of a particularly slow game of mah-jong when we decided to go for a “drive”.

“Take the bag of bombs,” someone reminded someone else. The bombs in question were little balls of about 25 mm across, with explosive powder in a plastic outer shell and a fuse protruding ominously. Calling them firecrackers would be slander- they don’t crack; they go BANG! Retailing between RM30 to RM50 per bag of 100 balls, these bombs are available from most illegal fireworks dealers near you.

We piled into a car, and cruised around various residential areas that were not too near from where we staying. It was thought that putting one of those bombs into a dustbin and closing the lid would produce interesting effects.

“There’s one!” indeed there was a promising dustbin- a smallish, light weight plastic one. And nobody appeared to be awake in nearby houses. I drove up to it.

“Do you want to light it?”
“Ok. You hold the lid open, and when I drop it in you shut it.”
“Leave the car doors open. I’ll come in from this side, and you go round to that door.”
“Drive the car a little bit ahead.”
“Ok. You two get down; we’ll move ahead and then open the doors for you.”
“Remember to open the doors.”
“Don’t do anything until I’m ready. Wait till I’m off the brakes and holding at first gear.”

And so the planning went, meticulously.

Finally, we were ready. I had let off the brake, engaged first gear and holding the car on the clutch. From the rear view mirror, they were visible, one with the dustbin lid, the other with a lighter. Just as they were to do it, one of them was overcome by a giggling fit, and infected it upon the other. Watching from within the car, we had our silly giggles. A few more false starts, they finally got their laughter suppression act together and got the bomb inserted and sealed.

They ran towards the car, smiling like monkeys.

When the explosion came, a sudden flash lighted the bin from the inside, the bin hopped some millimetres off the ground, and the lid flew a few feet into the night sky. Dense white smoke began to issue from the opening of the dustbin like water vapour from a cooling tower.

We laughed like idiots.

to be continued...

[Help- "one of them was overcome by a giggling fit". Is it overcome or overcame? Why?]

A cooling tower with a plume of condensed water droplets.

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