Sunday, October 30, 2005

The contents of my wallet at this moment

The first notes section:
One A$50 note

The second notes section:
Three RM10 notes
One RM5 note
One RM1 note
A piece of paper with frequently called numbers listed on it
I only started using a mobile phone when my cousin upgraded her phone and had a spare one lying about that I could use. That was in early 2003. Prior to that, I recorded the most frequently called numbers on a slip of paper I kept in my wallet. The secret to its longevity is that it is only half the size of a currency note, thus it is never folded. It is still in my wallet, a not very useful fragment from the past.

The coins pocket:
Four A$1 coins
Two A$0.10 coins
One A$0.20 coin
One A$0.05 coin

The various card slots:
Malaysian Driving Licence, valid till 31 March 2008.
National Registration Identity Card, needs to be updated to the electronic one ASAP.
A prepaid debit card for photocopying.
A membership card for the mandatory international student health insurance.
I haven’t used this one in ages. The problem with health insurance is that if you are healthy and well, you feel cheated of the $350+ annual fee.

Emergency Contact Card
"If the international student carrying this card requires emergency or crisis assistance, please contact:
The International Centre,
The University of Melbourne[…]"

The powers of this card have never been invoked. I wonder what it does.
The University of Melbourne student card
Two ATM cards for my bank accounts
A magnetic card for access into my apartment block
City Library membership card

Another compartment:
A little 符, folded neatly and wrapped in a tight plastic wrapper.It’s not so much if it works (or not), but it’s the fact that my grandmother took the trouble to get one for me.