Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ugly girls? No.

[transcribed from memory]

Tuesday evening, after dinner with The Architect and The Computer Engineer at a nameless shopping mall in Melbourne, while walking along the railings at the upper floors, The Architect pointed out that the glass panelling used on the railings were quite ugly.

“The print on the glass is ugly,” The Architect declared his orientations.
“Ya… it’s actually quite bad,” I answered, seeing the light. Pointing to the colour theme on the metal railings, “And these colours don’t go very well together too, olive green and brass.”
“Definitely ugly,” concurred The Architect.
“Impressive how ugly things can get…”
“Well, they actually go well together - ugly with ugly.”

The Architect later reported that a trio or a quartet of girls were staring at us with evil glares. They must have mistaken our comments on the interior decorations to be about their physical appearance. Poor girls.


On the way back after exiting the aforementioned nameless shopping mall in Melbourne, we were discussing Chinese New Year. The Computer Engineer mentioned that he will probably have to get some new clothes.

“Oh I hate shopping, especially for clothes. That’s why you see me in these same clothes all this while.”
“Me too”
“Haha, same here.”
“I like shopping for food though. That’s a lot more fun.”