Monday, September 05, 2005

Who Am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

Upcoming photo projects that need the attention of a digital camera:
Red chillies and white garlic.
Spring onions and ginger.
Some handmade biscuits from the market. They are dearly expensive, exquisitely delicious, and delicate to look at. Goes for a stunning rate of $25 per kilogram!
Whole coffee beans.
Flowers, while spring is around the corner.
Something vivid blue, but edible. Suggestions?
Something vivid purple, but edible. Suggestions?
Underwater shot of boiling water. This is the exciting one that will require a lot of set up work for the boiling apparatus and the camera housing. I’ll do this when I get back home to the Olympus C740 UZ.
Compile a series of edible colours spanning the visible spectra- hence the need for blue and purple objects.
Projected direction:
Steer away from doing only dazzlingly white backgrounds and harsh, high contrast shots. Attempt friendlier, warmer lighting colours with the biscuit and coffee bean shots.
Concentrate less on macro shots. They are nice, but the universe also contains objects that are larger than millimetre scaled, such as gorillas and quasars.
Attempt more non-studio photography outside of a bomb-proof, micromanaged environment.
Ultimate goal of The Ego:
Sell a non-zero quantity of photos for a realistic sum of money.
A more realistic goal for the Rational Mind:
Get my own digital camera.