Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hoorah for Boobies!

Whenever I have a camera with me and I see a decent flower, I have an urge to inspect it for its colour, shape, and the environment around it. The fact that my Deviant Art album of 62 photos contains 10 flower macros should suggest something.

On my last trip across the state border, we stayed at a nice house with a very well maintained garden, with bushes of magnificently coloured blooms. I looked around for the most well formed one, with the best colour density.

If anyone does not know that rose bushes have horrible thorns, well, they do. It’s impossible to snap them with your bare hands if you happen to be a pain abhorring creature such as me. Out came the Swiss army knife, and from that, out came the scissors.

The flower fell gently to the ground, whereupon a pair of metallic tweezers emerged from the same menacing Swiss Army knife. Gripping its thorny stem, the poor rose was rapidly whisked away, very much like a typical alien abduction scene.


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In other news, I am looking for a new room to stay in. Now that I do not go to the university daily, I do not mind staying a bit further from the university and the city centre. The rental rates do tend to fall off further away from the central business district.

In yet other news, I have modified my flight back to Malaysia to the 19th instead of the 20th of January. The reason being there will be a family dinner on the 20th, a pre-CNY sort of a party. Mom’s side seem be able to find all sorts of excuses to have get-togethers, just make noise and have a ball. Suits me just fine.

The far sighted cousin May has already planned that we go to the Cheras night market on Wednesday for our very own mahjong set. That would so kick ass. And of course, to look out for fireworks and crackers, legal (as if!) or otherwise.

Closer to the present, I’m mostly packing up my belongings into boxes and the suitcase. So far, my collection of books and magazines has been sorted out into three sturdy 10 kg courier service boxes. When they are all boxed and zipped up, I fully intend to measure the dimensions of each packing crate, and thus find out how many cubic metres my three years are actually worth. The printer and 2.1 speaker set will add to the volume easily, but value wise, one proper text book (used) can easily out-value these two.

The phrase ‘second cousin, twice removed’ jumped into my head in a completely arbitrary fashion. It must have come from a latent memory, or my past life as a goat genetics analyst. Regardless, Google, in its infinite wisdom, revealed that a ‘second cousin, twice removed’ is a second cousin (sharing a pair of great-grandparents), but separated by two generations.

Both sides of my family being rather recent arrivals from China (4th generation at most), I haven’t seen one of those convoluted ‘second cousin twice removed’ characters yet.

I take that back. I realised I’ve actually got a large bunch of them, the 舅公’s and 姨婆’s, the many siblings of my grandmother who contribute healthily to the noise levels during those aforementioned gatherings.

Having given up packing for the day, I am now going to bed. The phrase of the day is, “Hoorah for boobies!” which you are supposed to shout at the top of your voice every so often.

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