Friday, December 02, 2005

Yee Wei attacks McCartney over fur statements

MELBOURNE (Australia): Tan Yee Wei has vowed to never ever listen to Beatles songs. This came about after reading a BBC article regarding Sir Paul McCartney, a member of The Beatles.

The engineering student, who is expected to graduate soon, also said he would cut ties with all fans of McCartney.

The BBC article claims that the Paul had vowed to boycott all Chinese goods after watching a video of dogs and cats being slaughtered for fur. In an interview with the BBC, Paul and his wife Heather had made generalisations about the Chinese population.

“This is just disgusting. It's just against every rule of humanity. I couldn't go there (China),” McCartney was quoted by the BBC regarding the slaughters. The Beatles band member said the killings were like something out of the dark ages, and that “they’re just sick, sick people.” He had also remarked that people should boycott Chinese goods “if they want to consider themselves a civilized nation.”

The McCartneys had previewed BBC footage scheduled for screening on Monday (28th November), and were reported to be aghast and close to tears. Heather is known to be a vociferous animal-rights campaigner.

“I think they are very shallow, short sighted people to make statements as these. One would have thought that a knighted artist would have more sense than this,” said Yee Wei. “Frankly, I’m disgusted. This is against every known code of ethical conduct.”

“It’s totally irresponsible of them to make such sweeping, under-informed, unjustified and baseless generalisations. It’s up to them to say what they want in privacy, but they do need to show some maturity and respect for others if they are to speak publicly,” he continued. “I guess all musicians, over the hill and otherwise, are just insensitive, generalising jerks.”

When asked about his stance on Paul McCartney, his music and his fans, Yee Wei vowed to boycott all of them. He said he did not want to associate himself with “an immature person” such as McCartney.

“People should not listen to McCartney if they want to be regarded as responsible global citizens with more than just air in their cranial cavities.”

Yee Wei was also alleged to have said that “the McCartneys are nothing more than wankers, attention-seeking media wankers.” However he denied ever making said such an inflammatory remark when questioned by Reuters. - TYW


I’m not implying that I condone painful animal slaughters, but McCartney’s emotion driven generalisations were too juicy to ignore. If I ever turn out to be a journalist by profession, I’ll be the kind of hack who writes news articles that I myself would not read. Trivial, sensationalist, celeb-chasing, irresponsible, paparazzi driven stories like stuff one might find in The Herald Sun (Australia), The Malay Mail (Malaysia) or The Sun (UK). Yellow journalism is the new black.

For context, read the original BBC article, McCartney attacks China over fur.

PS. - don't take this seriously.