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German Sex Education

Before we proceed further into the rich and rewarding field of German sex education, it is perhaps useful to properly define the field name itself, German sex education.

Using the parenthesis as commonly applied in mathematics, I would like to point out that we are in fact dealing with German (sex education). This particular bit of sex education is designed for the German market.

We are not dealing with (German sex) education where students are taught the intricacies of German sex, as opposed to Japanese sex or Brazilian sex.

Ob!ique LL.B (Hons), MSc. recently sent me an email of scanned images from a German sex education book. I transcribed the text and put them into a language translator and German-English dictionary.

The baby being born (page 6) is a must see. Do click on the images for the full sized pictures (loads in a new window/ tab).
“Don't you think the image of the baby coming out is freaky already?? Anyway, knock yourselves out! lol.” - Ob!ique LL.B (Hons), MSc.

The translation is imperfect. Crossed out text indicate errors.

If anyone knows German, please help with the translation. Thank you.
Wenn jedermann deutsch spricht, helfen Sie bitte bei der Übersetzung. Danke.

Click on image for full sized scan in new window/ tab, ~ 100kB

Here you see a Baby. Do you know, how it came into the World?

Here you see Father and Mother. They got the Baby with one another.

Click on image for full sized scan in new window/ tab, ~ 100kB

Here Father and Mother do not wear dresses. You can see Mother’s chest and Mother’s Slot. One calls the Slot ‘Sheath’.

You can see Father’s Penis. One calls Penis ‘Member’. You can also see bag flax Father has between its Legs, it are called ‘Scrotum’.

Mother and Father love themselves very much. They are kissing each other. Father’s Member became large. It stands rigidly out.

Mother and Father liked gladly that Father’s Member comes into Mother’s Sheath. That is to say already is.

Click on image for full sized scan in new window/ tab, ~ 100kB

Mother and Father put on the Bed, and bring the Member into the Sheath. So they can play with one another. Father and Mother swing on and off with one another.

That calls one ‘intercourse’. That can be completely mad. So Mother and Father can get a Child, if they want it.

Mother and Father love themselves very much. They might have had gladly a Child. In Sack of the Father are many small Sperm-cells. If Father and Mother sleep, coming the Sperm-cells from the Member.

The Sperm-cells swim in Mother’s Sheath in and come into hollow into Mother’s Belly. This hollow heist bearing Mother. In there a tiny egg is occasionally.

Click on image for full sized scan in new window/ tab, ~ 100kB

Offense many, many meet. Nine Months are passed, since then the Sperm-cell and the egg each other found. Now the Child is so large that it wants out.

Mother’s Belly is as largely become that you fit nearly no more dress. “I can keep in track, as the bearing Mother pulls together,” says the Mother to the Father.

“…Now it is soon so far that I bring our child to the world.”

Click on image for full sized scan in new window/ tab, ~ 100kB

Father drives Mother into the Hospital.

Mother puts in the Hospital to bed. Then a Physician comes and speaks with Mother and Father. The Physician will help Mother with the birth of the Child.

Click on image for full sized scan in new window/ tab, ~ 100kB

Then Mother begins to bore. Only the head of the Child comes from Mother separates out.

Then come out the rest of the Child.

Click on image for full sized scan in new window/ tab, ~ 100kB

Now the Child came out completely from the Mother. The Physician cut the Navel-cord off. Also the Placenta came out. Now the Child is born.

Mother and Child rest themselves some days. Then they come again home. If the Child has hunger, it drinks Milk out of Mother’s Breast.

Glossary of useful terms:
Schlitz - slot
Schwanz - penis
Glied - member
Hodensack - scrotum
beischlafen - intercourse
Samemzellen - sperm cells


Blogger Dr. Tan said...

Pengkantoi-an.. last time study German halfway also boh liao. Ok, holiday resolution. Continue my German, and use the blardy CD

12:35 am, November 06, 2005  
Anonymous Life feel said...

hahaha... funny
I must show this stuffs to my friends.

Das ist aber lustig :D

12:52 am, November 06, 2005  
Anonymous Marketa said...

Interessant. Genug gesagt. (me runs to the nearest foreign language kid bookstore)

3:40 pm, November 06, 2005  
Blogger Lao Chen said...

Or get hooked up with a German girl.

life feel:
Ja ist es lustig. Besonders das Baby, das getragen wird.

I'm just using the translation program. :-)


8:52 pm, November 06, 2005  
Blogger sonia said...

HAhaha.. I saw this at another fren's blog too! She got her fren to translate it. Hehehe.. So funy, they way they say "It can feel nice" (talking bout the sex).. In a children;s book. Hehehe...

5:15 am, November 07, 2005  
Anonymous Yvy said...


*shakes head*

1:46 pm, November 07, 2005  

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