Saturday, August 27, 2005

Daft engineer jokes

Slightly past midnight and I was feeling a little empty inside. I need food.

As I spread the peanut butter onto my freshly toasted bread, the thick paste began to melt, and slowly seeped into the pores of the bread’s surface.

Adrian saw me preparing to eat, and he decided to have a supper of toasted bread too.

We I talked rubbish for a while before he turned serious.

“Hey, ask you something…”
“Mmm?” My mouth was full of toast and melting peanut butter.
“I’m designing a tank farm [for my project]. Where do you think the control room should go? Should it be near the loading area, the pumps or the tanks themselves?”

We discussed the various possible locations before implicitly agreeing that it should be located away from the tanks, pumps and loading point.

“Yea, just locate the control room remotely. Like put it in Bangkok or something…”
“Or I could say that since it doesn’t matter, I’ll design the control room as a submersible and put it underwater, offshore.”

I then made a suggestion:

[The following has been adapted to fit a text format]

Since you do not want the control room to be near the tanks, pumps nor loading point, you should aim to put the control room at a location that as equally apart from each facility.

The most obvious way to do this would be to arrange the tanks, pumps and loading point in a circle, and put the control room in the middle. The illustration shows the control room as the square in the centre of a circle of facilities. Clearly, this is an impractical arrangement.

The other solution would be to place the control room infinitely far away. This way, the distance to each of the tanks, pumps and loading point would be the same.

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