Saturday, August 20, 2005

Taekwondo videos

[patience: 2 video files at 2.9Mb each]

I borrowed a digital camera and used it to aid my pattern training for the upcoming martial arts competition. Having an instant replay of sorts is extremely useful for pointing out potential trouble spots- an inaccurate stance, an impotent block, a clumsy kick, ad infinitum.

You might have been unfortunate enough to hear me going on about the new pattern I picked up some weeks ago from a book. This is it, Jitae, the 6th-dan WTF pattern. Simple, concise, but very technical and with an apparent emphasis on the stances.

Duration: 1:13

I’m still quite hesitant at many parts.

This is a more familiar one, Taebaek, the 3rd-dan WTF pattern. I almost know this like the back of my hand (pardon the pun). More fancy details found in this compared to the Jitae, but one can sometimes fudge the stances without really looking stupid.

Duration: 1:10

Like a writer too familiar with his own paragraphs and blind to his own errors, I would greatly appreciate it if someone helps proofread the patterns.