Sunday, January 01, 2006

New year's eve and other things

The keen reader would have noticed that yesterday, I said, “I hope to get some good photographs of pyrotechnics later tonight. Failing that, I can always snap bad photographs of pyrotechnics.”

Most turned out to be bad. As in bad bad, not ok lah bad.

I had somehow confused the aperture numbers, mistaking the largest (2.8) for the smallest (8.0) and thus was working with the aperture fully open. With great quantities of light washing onto the CCD, a mere half second of exposure would be more than enough, or the image would become a bit screwed up. Thus my shots were of spastic little light worms in the air, not magnificent tufts of hairy light balls as most decent pyrotechnics photos are.

And adding to add misery to misery, I let the camera use its autofocus. Unfortunately, it focused on the smoke instead of the light bursts if I click the shutter before the things actually pop. That wasted another lot of good opportunities.

Near the end, I finally realised my error with the aperture settings. And here they are, 2 decent images from about 100. It was crowded, but I’m quite sure the mess in KLCC and Bukit Bintang is much worse than this.

Enough talking about crap photos; I saw a rather cool paragraph from Saffron:
I hope the contortion of my features passed for joy and happiness, cos (not so deep) inside all I could think of was, "Please, if there is a god, kill me. Kill me now."

Oh look, I didn't die.

In slightly related news, the index sheet for my graduation photos have arrived. From this proof sheet of 6 images, I can place orders regarding the prints I want, how many of them in which sizes et cetera. They are fucking expensive; I’ll probably just get some mid-sized prints and send them back home for my parents.

A 3.5 x 5 inch print costs $25, and the range topper is the 24 x 16 on canvas for a cool disgusting $360. Of course there are the usual packages where you buy a predetermined quantity of prints at a slightly more decent, but still obscenely unfair price.

But the photographer who did us was quite good. It’s very hard to get me to smile for photos- I tend to feel stupidly artificial, facial expressions contorted in a dumb grimace. That’s one of the reasons I’m rarely in photos; usually it's me manipulating the camera.

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Blogger shifty said...

lol! yes, they do come in exorbitant prices. after my masters, i should start offering digital alterations for ppl and charge a reasonable fee. sounds like potential business opportunity. lol.

maybe not.

happy new year again and hope all bids well for you this year!

5:02 am, January 02, 2006  
Blogger xaverri said...

hmm..pyrotechnics're always tricky. Shot with film during Moomba, didn't even know what would turn out..

Something interesting to try next time - perhaps you could try with a long exposure (leaving it on "bulb" setting if your camera has it), use a piece of cardboard or dark paper to block the lens and remove it just as the fireworks streak up the sky. Tried that before (5/10/15 seconds) and ended up with an interesting shot (multiple bursts on a single frame).

Anyways, many congratulations on graduating! and (belatedly) wishing you a Blessed New Year ahead!

3:29 pm, January 02, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Tan said...

Awww... you look so cute in ur grad photo... *pinches cheek*

3:30 pm, January 02, 2006  
Blogger Lao Chen said...

Yeah, offer no frills services like what airlines are curretly doing.

A happy new year to you (again).

Ooh that's a nice trick. Just like multiple exposures on film, except the shutter is now in front of the lens.

Thanks, and happy new year to you too, belatedly. Better late than never, the cliche says.

*grabs pinching hand's wrist using a cross arm grab*
*spins around to lock the offending elbow as distraction*
*back thrust to the kidneys*

That would teach you to pinch my cheeks!

10:14 am, January 03, 2006  

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