Sunday, February 20, 2005


[This list was last updated on 18 September]

18/9/06 Long exposures

15/9/06 Manipulated sunset

7/9/06 Small scale calligraphy

4/9/06 [untitled]

2/9/06 A mixed bag of photographs

28/8/06 The closed loop

19/8/06 Photographs: microphotography of sugar crystals, a banknote and a sewing needle

15/8/06 Photographs of a Tokina 28-105mm f/4.0 Pentax K mount zoom lens

7/8/06 Ss. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral

4/8/06 Photographs: Webb Bridge at sunset

28/7/06 My camera has turned into a microscope

24/7/06 Photographs- sunset in the park

18/7/06 Still life photographs and night skyline

15/7/06 Night panoramic photography in Melbourne

10/7/06 Chocolate truffles; absurd food photography; preposterous macro photography

6/7/06 Photography theme: Transport and Telecommunication Infrastructure

3/7/06 Macro photography of splashing liquids

29/6/06 Photography theme of the day: green, microprinted banknotes and documents

27/6/06 Experimental results on the Panasonic DMC-FZ30’s macro focal distance and magnification factor throughout its zoom range

25/6/06 Photography: tea, milk and coffee

19/6/06 Stained mug and iris macros

18/6/06 Disgusting photograph

14/6/06 Photography: Lindt Chocolates

5/6/06 Life or Death

4/6/06 Grass from a culvert is just as green

1/6/06 Library photography

26/5/06 More sunset photographs

21/5/06 Photographs

17/5/06 Untitled

12/5/06 A simple takedown technique

10/5/06 Melbourne sunset photographs

4/5/06 An Ordinary Day by the Kitchen Sink

3/5/06 More photographs

1/5/06 Photographs

4/4/06 The view from the top- Melbourne cityscape at night

31/3/06 Recent photographs

27/3/06 Photographs from the Melbourne Commonwealth Games- cycling

25/3/06 Photographs from the Melbourne Commonwealth Games- boxing

24/3/06 Topless portraits with fruits, and other images

23/3/06 Photographs from the Great Ocean Road

19/3/06 Photographs from the Melbourne Commonwealth Games- marathon

19/3/06 The hibiscus and the Time Keeper

17/3/06 Photographs from the Melbourne Commonwealth Games- rugby

15/3/06 Macro images of boiling water

11/3/06 The moon, for Lai

10/3/06 Industrial Sunset

6/3/06 Found: cheap used optics in Melbourne

24/2/06 A polarizing filter for the camera

23/2/06 Sony SS-V150 speakers

20/2/06 Penang photographs

16/2/06 A fun way to use unwanted Cds

14/2/06 My Porsche 911 GT1 and Ferrari F40 scale models

14/2/06 A new camera

7/2/06 Macro photography of a sparrow chick

27/1/06 Camera suggestions?

27/1/06 Mixed photographs from recent days

13/1/06 Macro photography of hair strands

9/1/06 I am back, with photos

5/1/06 Melbourne city night scenes

31/12/05 Photography of rose petals

26/12/05 Photographs from Sydney

18/12/05 Photos from Brisbane

17/12/05 Test driven: Nikon FM2 SLR

9/12/05 A general, handwaving guide to digital photography- part 3

5/12/05 A general, handwaving guide to digital photography- part 2

5/12/05 A general, handwaving guide to digital photography- part 1

1/12/05 Macro photography of ice-cream

29/11/05 Photography in Frankston

28/11/05 My pilgrimage to an F1 GP circuit

31/10/05 Asparagus, Lemon and Tomato

26/10/05 Lost in Space-time

11/10/05 (s)he was buried in sand

9/10/05 Children doing their thing - a series of portraits

5/10/05 Time Machine

10/9/05 Whose house is it anyway?

5/9/05 Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

3/9/05 Sunset in a Parallel Universe

27/8/05 The Red Army Through Snow

21/8/05 Why is there an orange in my coffee press?

11/8/05 Minum?

8/8/05 Macro photography of green stuff

5/8/05 Happy birthday

15/7/05 Images, images and images

13/7/05 Food we had when on holiday

29/6/05 The moon problem

28/6/05 My first nighttime cityscape photographs

27/6/05 Me acting funny at billboards

20/6/05 Through a glass, darkly

19/6/05 Wet Mercedes

10/6/05 Nude pictures of compass, pencil & ruler threesome

9/6/05 Some wierd-arsed nocturnal activities

22/5/05 Autumn sunset photographs

10/5/05 Sunsets of Melbourne

29/3/05 Chocolate Fondue

21/3/05 This week, and 7 years ago