Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Talk to the eyebrow

I got my lens changed today. The following image has been digitally retouched. It's quite corny.

I’m in the midst of moving to a room of my own (I’m currently homeless and squatting at friends’ house), located in a quiet area in North Melbourne. The rent is significantly cheaper than the place I previously occupied, although it is a tad less convenient in terms of accessibility to public transport.

To help in transporting my things to a room about 1.3km away, I booked a Toyota Camry, but Hertz ran out of Camries and so bumped me up one level at no cost to a Ford Falcon. 4 litre V6 engine with 260 bhp mated to an automatic gearbox.

Most of my belongings have already been moved to the new place. What remains are a few items such as the computer, blankets and pillow and photography equipment. About 10 boxes of varying masses (most of them very dense due to those text books), a bookshelf, 2 desks, a work chair and various odd and ends were transported in 2 trips. One cannot imagine how many things the phrase ‘various odds and ends’ can cover…

Random image just to give this webpage a blast of blue in line with the current theme

The car is due to be returned at about 3pm tomorrow. It would be quite stupid to leave it sitting in a parking lot, so I’ll be taking it for a drive to some scenic region far away from the city and give the camera a workout as well.

Sometimes, when I take the camera for a jaunt, I get asked a wonderful question by friends, online or otherwise-

“Who are you going with?”
“No one,” I answer.
A raised eyebrow. (Assuming MSN has Eyebrow Chat – enrich your online experience with eyebrow movements!)
“What’s wrong,” I ask the eyebrow.
“Wouldn’t you get bored or lonely?” the eyebrow speaks, sliding up and down the owner’s forehead.

It does not matter if I take a train to a faraway place or walk around the city at 4am, the eyebrows always asks the same question.

I’ve been accused of being antisocial, in need of a girl friend, quiet and other odd things such as having world domination inclinations and being prescient. Naturally I vehemently deny all accusations except the last one.

Anyway it is time I go to bed or I’ll never wake up in decent time for tomorrow’s drive. If you do not see new photos within the next few days, it’s most likely that the photos sucked.