Thursday, July 06, 2006

Photography theme: Transport and Communications Infrastructure

[warning: moderately large file sizes, please exercise patience]

First, the Lords of the Skies, Players in the Electromagnetic Spectra:


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Widescreen TV

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Title refers to the 16:9 aspect ratio of the image


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The next lot: transport by rail

Power to the Trains!

Overhead power lines that feed the trains- the lower line is the one which transmit power; the upper one is the supporting cable.
Note the wonders a polarising filter can do to the sky's colour intensity

A train disgorging its contents

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And on the streets... :

Streetlight Doublet

This is Not Bondage

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This was taken at a traffic junction where two tram routes crossed. Each tram route has 2 tracks for opposing directions; each track has an overhead power line. Overhead power lines are suspended by cables strung across the road. There were also electric and telephone lines.

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