Thursday, March 30, 2006

Recent photographs

2 days ago, David and I went for a bit of chocolate overdose at a chocolate boutique kind of place at Koko Black, Lygon Street. For a A$24.00, we had one hot chocolate, one iced chocolate, one chocolate iced cream, and one chocolate mousse. Yeah, it was expensive.

They were delicious. And rich. Very, very rich. We had a late breakfast, skipped lunch, then ate dessert at about 4pm. Even then, the last few bits of the mousse and iced cream was already stretching it.

12-Fold Bisection of the Celestial Sphere

Overhead power or signal transmission lines at a traffic intersection.

The chocolate mousse was beautifully presented, but I was stumped for ideas.
Finally the chocolate swirl got my attention.

The ice cream had a longer helical strip of dark chocolate.