Thursday, March 23, 2006

Photographs from the Great Ocean Road

2 days ago, I posted a short, 2 sentence update. Blogger says it was published, but when I looked 3 minutes ago, it was not there. Wankers!


I'll be away for about 24 hours. Lets hope the gods are cooperative and give me lots of sunset, moonrise and sunrise photos over the ocean horizon.

The reason for my absence was that I went to the Great Ocean Road with David. Presented today will the artsy photographs; we'll talk about the interesting details tomorrow (such as the time we posed topless with various fruits by the car).

Reflections of an unidentified male and a canine of unknown gender on a stagnant pool of tide water.

Several of the Twelve Apostles shrouded in dense sea spray.

The Twelve Apostles during sunset


Sunrise with David at Lohan Beach where whale mating takes place in winter. It was an awfully cold and windy day- note the dense mist on the eastern horizon and the wrathful waves.

Sunrise at Lohan Beach reflected off sand wetted by the waves.

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