Tuesday, October 11, 2005

(s)he was buried in sand

I'll be busy for a while. In the mean time, do enjoy the following photograph of a few of my friends.

Two Boobies and a Penis

Click here for large size image

Pulau Perhentian, July 2004.

As you can see, the penis was very well detailed. Maybe not anatomically accurate, but nonetheless it manages to shout "I am a KKC!" at the viewer.



Blogger shifty said...

looks like a fat pointy pencil. lol.

8:11 am, October 12, 2005  
Anonymous yvy said...


SO artistic lar ur frens...was the recipient of that EXTREMELY well defined penis YOU? =P

1:19 pm, October 12, 2005  
Blogger Lao Chen said...

Don't you know? Almost all look like fat pointy pencils. Some less fat than others, a few of them a little blunt, a portion of them more like paint brushes than pencils... but the point is that fat pointy pencils are normal. :p


By recipent, do you mean the one above or below? In both cases, no. I was the photographer.

3:28 pm, October 12, 2005  
Blogger sonia said...

Hahaha.. I wonder if guys would respond to this.. =P

And yea, it looks SO the fat & pointy. Like a real wooden stick, sharpened. =P

1:14 am, October 13, 2005  
Anonymous Subject of Picture said...

my my, dont you think you should have consulted the chief subject of this embarassing picture whether its ok to publish it on a well read blog such as yourself. ^^

3:59 am, October 13, 2005  
Blogger Lao Chen said...

Well, we do have a response, nameless though.

Oops, forgot about that consent thing. Nvm lah :p

9:50 pm, October 13, 2005  

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