Friday, March 18, 2005

This week. And 7 years ago.

Edited 21 March 2003- added photographs and links

Back in 1998, I was waiting for my mother to pick me up after school. Waiting in the quiet bus stop, sheltered from direct sunlight but not from the dry, scorching wind, I wondered…

After my PMR later in the year, I’ll be going into upper secondary. 2 years later would be my SPM. Following that, I’ll be finished with secondary school and cast into the then unknown world of tertiary education, presumably in college or university. I wonder if I’ll be ready for it all. Golly…how time does seem flies!

Some time last week, I was having a similar issue.

One and a half semesters late, I’ll be finished with university and presumably dropped into the job market to join the working class. That’s fast! Shit.

Logically, it’s not of great importance. In years to come, I might bemusedly recall this entry and all its irrelevant trivialities while fidgeting about yet another unknown in the coming future.

On a separate note, I managed to slice a piece of kiwi fruit to a thickness of about 0.5 to 0.75mm. I’m still wondering how it can best be photographed in its splendid thinness.

Image hosted by

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On yet another separate note, I turned up at the university’s fencing club. I’m having trouble deciding if I should go. The beginner’s training sessions run every Monday night, and I expect that I would be tired after that. On Tuesday afternoons I have karate training; muscle fatigue will definitely interfere with the natural order of things. On a plus side, my 7 years in martial arts have given me a fair bit of experience in more confrontational sports. This would hopefully make the learning curve a bit gentler, especially with regard to distance holding and techniques for attacks and defence. While money is not a big problem, paying money and not attending is downright stupid.

It’s been bugging me for a few days already, and would like to arrive at a decision soon.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.