Sunday, August 07, 2005

Macro photography of green stuff

Set up:
Borrow digital camera.
Sharpen knives.
Brew a good cup of coffee.
Slice fruit.
Cut 1/8 of a mooncake.
Clean and polish window pane using detergent, sponge, cloth and old newspaper.

The fruit used was kiwi fruit. I like kiwi for its translucence, details in the seed arrangements, slightly textured flesh and the unmistakable vibrant green. I planned to cut a thin slice (1.5 to 2.0mm) and slap it on the very clear window pane, and let sunlight illuminate the slice while I get the skyline in the background. It turned out to be a bad idea- my apartment’s balcony is made of ugly galvanised steel sections and did not do the composition any good.

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It was a fine day, with minimal cloud cover and very clear air. The sunlight was very bright and direct. It’s my first attempt at taking photos with such strong light, and I’m actually quite happy with the results.

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The mooncake in question is one of a Golden Pandan flavour. It sounds very weird compared to more pedestrian variants like red bean or lotus seed paste.

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Look, its bloody green! The degree of greenness did give me a surprise. Upon eating, it tastes similar to a kaya puff with the pandan filling and the surrounding pastry material.

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The very smooth cut surface of the mooncake was achieved with a sawing motion using a very sharp blade. Without the sawing motion, and only exerting pure compression, the paste will part away with a grainy texture at the surface instead of the smooth sheen seen here, and the pastry would crumble unevenly.

This was my work surface early in the activity with a mug of coffee to keep me happy and tissue paper to pat dry the fruit slices- wet, juicy slices do not reveal their details easily. By the end of the shooting session, the entire fruit was decimated into thin slices drying in the sun and little bundles of kiwi juice moistened tissue paper were strewn over the table.

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The galvanised steel balcony railings are visible outside the glass doors, and the ugly square section steel column for the balcony is just visible at the edge of the window.


Blogger xaverri said...

I like the 1st shot best.. translucent sortof effect. interesting pics =)

12:40 am, August 08, 2005  
Blogger __earth said...

yup, I like the first shot the best too. It's like having simplicity and detail at the same time. But I'm rambling like a drunken monkey.

12:45 am, August 08, 2005  
Blogger sonia said...

Ur other pics didn't show how nice ur place could look! Niceness! *envy*!

Yea, I like the 1st pic best too. Knife looks so sharp, and sky-clear-window! Hehe.. Plate looks like sink. That room ur in could look like ur work place (study room/office?), hall, or the kitchen!

*sigh*.. =))

2:42 am, August 08, 2005  
Blogger Lao Chen said...

Thanks for the feedback. I had actually thought the second kiwi image with the clean background would be more appealing. Good to know the truth.

Dont worry about the rambling bits. It actually helps to know what people like in photos.

I'll put up some pictures of my apartment soon. It might give you a shock :P

3:02 pm, August 08, 2005  

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