Thursday, June 29, 2006

Photo theme of the day: green, microprinted banknotes and documents

Image file sizes are large (~65kb each) due to the microprint details. 56k users please exercise patience.

All images are 100% crops with no image enhancements.

HK$50 banknote

Academic transcript
The University of Melbourne

RM5 banknote

US$1 banknote

IELTS results transcript

The following are outliers:

AU$20 banknote
I did not have a green (AU$100) banknote with me

Entry stamp, Hong Kong Immigration
Malaysian Passport
Unlike cars, the passport does not come with optional colour schemes

If you have a question, I probably have the answer:
Yes, I have currency of various states in my wallet. Lets see...

1 x AU$10
1 x AU$20
2 x HK$ 50
1 x MYR 1
2 x MYR 5
1 x MYR 50
1 x US$ 1