Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Birthday

Yesterday (Thursday 4/8/05) was a friend TMC’s 21st birthday. Today (Friday 5/8/05) is housemate Adrian’s 20th birthday.

The couple’s mutual friends brought them out for dinner yesterday in celebration of their popping into existence 2 decades (and a year) ago. Most of us used to stay in the same apartment complex- that’s how we knew each other. Most of us having moved out earlier this year, and we rarely get together for dinner anymore. It was nice to meet up again.

We purchased some beer after dinner. In the 7948 days or so since my birth, I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer. Surprising? Don’t really find alcoholic drinks appealing- they are always too ‘dry’ for my liking.

So TMC’s 21st birthday was also the day I had my first ever beer. It was a bottle of Mexican Corona with a sliver of lemon shoved down the bottle opening. Wouldn’t say I liked it, but it was very bearable, unlike most wines and hard liquor.

Actually, the photography was more interesting that the beer. Pity I did not have my tripod with me; had to stabilise the camera against the table top, thus limiting the positions I could shoot from.

Click for large image

Click for large image

They are all in portrait orientation. Landscape will not do- attempting the capture the bottles would entail capturing the person sitting just right of the frame, or the horrible mess on the table just left of the frame.

By the way, I’ve got this thing for taking macro shots through bottles, half filled wine goblets, water surging into a glass, thin slices of fruit and other (semi) transparent medium.

Once again, a happy birthday to TMC and Adrian.