Friday, March 10, 2006

The moon, for Lai

My cousin Lai (丽) asked me to "update [my] blog more often so that [she can] get some good reads late at night/ early in the mornings". So now I'm responsible for her entertainment? At least she said 'good reads' and not 'dull monologues'

Camera: Panasonic FZ30
Aperture: F/3.7
Shutter: 1/200 s

The audacity of it! Now that I've updated, perhaps you'd like to leave your first ever comment here? A simple note along the lines of "Lai was here" would suffice.


Not much of any significance has happened in recent days. I moved into my new room. I drifted in and out of various libraries and bookshops. I attended a mathematics seminar on 'cake cutting algorithms'. I finished editing the Journey of Love screenplay- I'm not very satisfied with my shabby work. I took photos of our only natural satellite. (By 'our' I mean all of us, not just Lai and me) David Chong will be arriving on Tuesday and hanging at my place for a few weeks.

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