Sunday, June 25, 2006

Photography: tea, milk and coffee

I was making my tea when I recalled one of ob!ique’s photo series which showed various stages of milk diffusing in a cup of tea.

I found a vessel with a nice, narrow spout from which to pour my milk. Interestingly enough, a long narrow spout produces a flow that barely disturbs the bulk of the tea. The flow was fast and laminar, the cross section too small. As a result, the milk went straight to the bottom of the cup, swirled around a little and settled into a diffused layer of milked tea with a stratum of transparent, un-milked tea at the top.

My interest in pouring piqued, I drank the tea, washed the cup, wiped it dry, polished it with my lens cloth and topped up the pouring vessel with another batch of milk.

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I went looking for some dark liquid to drip onto the white surface. Soy sauce came to mind, but instant coffee concentrate (2 teaspoons of granules with a small amount of hot water) saved the day.

An Unanswered Question

Produced by dripping concentrated coffee into the cup of slowly swirling milk.

Some prose by Shyan Yih in the comments...

Leaves leave its essence, its aroma
Mother's milk, full of nutrition
Beans been pressed, triggers the mind
Flowing, flowing, flowing
What have we done to preserve nature's goodness?
Shyan Yih, 2006


And here is an old friend from before I had my own digital camera. I had to remind myself not to depress the shutter button just to hear the mirror slap, the shutter click and the film advance motor whirr- film costs money.

Olympus iS-1000