Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Library photography

[Due to the inherently large quantity of colour information on each photograph, the file sizes are large even though the quality is not magnificent. While waiting, you can think of that patience-related cliché.]

I’m sure the theme of libraries has been done before, again and again. But this is my attempt.

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Clichéd Irony

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Yesterday, I saw an utterly remarkable scene. It was twilight, just after sunset, the western horizon faintly aglow with fading memories of the sun. The air was wonderfully clear, not a trace of water droplets even in the upper atmosphere. The western sky was coloured a magnificent shade of dark blue. Ultramarine. Deep, luxurious and very rare.

And, hanging about 15 degrees above the western horizon was a thin sliver of a crescent moon, about to follow the sun’s plop into the horizon.

I was in the tram heading out of the city centre, and the view was magnificent:
Silhouette of the city skyline, backlit by the orange-smeared horizon.
Above the buildings and the narrow span of orangey goodness, the sky is a rich, dark blue, slowly fading to darkness upwards.
Above the skyline, about several building-heights above the sprawl of high rise offices, was the moon, a gleaming silver arc reminding us of the Soviet Union’s sickle, dismembered and chrome plated.
Not quite surprisingly, I did not have my camera with me, and I was short of time anyway.

Today, the sky was cloudy. I made my way towards the top of the western stairwell of the Psychology Building anyway, having to climb 12 flights of stairs because the lifts had decided to fuck makelove themselves.

After 20 minutes of a boring sunset, and I made my way down, pissed off.

I then went to the Rowden White Library, where the above photographs were shot. It’s a recreation library, which would explain the non-academic journals and novels.

When the library closed at 6pm, I was shooed out of the facility. I made my way up the western stairwell again, just to see if the moon had appeared from behind the blinding daylight and clouds. It had, but the foreground of floodlit tennis courts was extremely uninspiring.

On returning, the lifts cooperated so I did not have to trek my way down 10 flights of stairs.

They refer to this sort of blog entries as eat-shit-sleep posts.
I did this. Then I did that. After that, I went on to do this other thing. At that moment, she called up, hehehe. And then I went for dinner with Boris. Japanese food so nice ^.^
You get the idea. At least I have photos.



Blogger ChinoDevean said...

patience is a virtual reality? 守猪待兔? mereka yang tunggu, dapat yang hangat? what cliches?

sorry but I don't get the 'library' theme..esp with your pics bout thesis, journals and apertures.

11:51 pm, May 31, 2006  
Blogger Lao Chen said...

Oh, actually I did not mean for you to think so deeply. Just that, one comes across photographs of library shelves now and then. Admittedly, they [these photos] are not as common as clouds or sunsets.

Thats all there is to the library theme.

The photos themselves are purely aesthetic. I liked the lines, colours, whatever. No abstractions here.

Ok, a confession. Since I was taking photographs i thought it'd be cute to use photography books and journals as the subjects, hence the Aperture and Creative Camera publications.

antiTHESIS was just interesting. And it was located right in front of me, so i grabbed that.

You are more than welcome to weave your story/interpretation around these images, as you have done with that feather, flowers, sky shot. (death, life, hope)

1:53 am, June 01, 2006  
Blogger ChinoDevean said...

If I tried takin pics in my library, ppl prob will think I'm crazy. Anyways, let's have a lil' story about two dusty lovers.

Pic #1
Dust#1146, who is a granularity living atop [Aperture 1983-84] was relaxing in his space when he saw Dust#855. Instantly smitten by her beauty, he thought "what a pretty dead skin cell! Must have just moved in from that weird looking Asian student", as he eyes TYW leaving the dust-populated area curiously.

Pic #2
However, Dust#855 is living on [Aperture 1987], 3 books away. Undaunted, Dust#1146 bides his time, waiting at the Fan station to blow him to [Aperture 1987].

Pic #3
While waiting, Dust#1146 surveys the universe around him. He has seen it a thousand times, but this is the first time he throughly SEES what a beautiful dust-infested galaxy he's living in.

Pic #4
A Fan Switch later, Dust#1146 has successfully seduced Dust#855 and married. The happy dusty couple decided to move continents to [Antithesis]. Being the first dusts on [Antithesis] after an earthquake caused by TYW, they name their son Dust#2001, nickname 'Bush'. Bush was automatically elected president of book [Antithesis].

Pic #4
Bush's administration, helped by a very clever bunch of dusts and his father, succesfully made [Antithesis] an attractive book to live on. Depicted here is the tremendous envy dusts of the overpopulated bookshelf [Creative Camera] has as they bide their time for another TYW re-shuffle to emigrate to [Antithesis].

Cliched Irony??hehe

2:48 am, June 01, 2006  
Blogger Lao Chen said...

Well, I took those photographs in comfort because it is now the exam season and most people are panicking in the academic libraries. And this little corner is usually quite deserted anyway.

Nice little story....

Sorry about the trojan thing, i dint know I had that big an issue; always thought it was only pop-up ads. The problem should be solved now.

1:02 am, June 02, 2006  

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